Crazy Country Club – Hawley, PA I love the CCC.. the first time we went there, we did not know what to expect. To begin with, we were welcomed with open arms, and water guns shooting at us.. haha.. the staff is phenomenal, they are so welcoming and very entertaining! The food was beyond my expectations.. the chef does an awesome job, especially, with his fabulous dinners.. Scott Burdo and Peggy Burdo, are awesome owners, they are always there, making sure the customers are enjoying everything.. Joe and Rich are great bartenders/servers! Jake, aka Lurch, is the man who seems to keep control of the place! This is definitely a 5 Star restaurant.. the advertise as warm beer and lousy food, but it’s the complete opposite .. Great Food, drinks and service… of course, there are a few pranks and some unique items, but it’s one of the coolest places I ever hung out at. We live about 40 minutes away, but try to stop by the CCC at least once a week!

~ Edmund Kolesar

It means the world to me when old customers of my dads have a smile. To tell a story, even if it’s embellished, to see smiles of what my father created means the world to me.

~ Scott Burdo

The Crazy Country Club has an amazing story that began in Brooklyn, New York circa 1948. Even my father, who was born in 1921 used to go there and hang out. It was one of a kind hilarious, extremely entertaining and just different, a good difference, a fantastic difference. I live in New York City but I have had a house in Lakeville for 8 years which is literally five minutes away from Hawley and although Hawley was a sweet little town it didn’t have much.
It had a bunch of antique shops, a furniture store, a couple of good restaurants, but when Crazy Country Club came the town exploded. A gigantic shot in the arm.
It is truly and sincerely one of the best, most fun, crazy in the best possible way, places I have ever been to. And the food is gourmet!!
I have eaten pretty much around the world and this is some of the best cuisine I have ever tasted.
You can bring absolutely anyone… Your boss, your children, your grandma and grandpa etc… etc… and everyone is guaranteed to not only have a fantastic, delicious, and amazing meal but definitely will have a belly laugh or two.
Scott Burdo decided to pay homage to his father and re- create what once was. He has so many replicas of the wonderful, crazy, insane and hilarious artifacts that his father had at the original place in Brooklyn.
It is a big shot in the arm for what was once a sleepy little town on Main Street, USA… You need to go!
you really need to go and experience this fabulous, fun, and amazing place. Say hello to your hosts, Scott and Peggy Burdo. You will love them as I do.

~ Maria DeVito Gelsobello

Crazy Country Club is just what this little town needed! It gives both locals and visitors a place to go that offers a fun atmosphere, excellent food and drinks and something we all can use plenty of… laughter. Best of all, thanks to the friendly owners and staff, we walked in as strangers and left as friends. We absolutely love this place!

~ Rob and Kim Santos